THE BIG SALE invites you to experience shopping with great discounts that no other outlet can offer. We can offer our customers exceptionally low clothing prices thanks to a unique partnership with world know brands manufacturers.

Although we cannot offer a large selection of clothing sizes, but we make sure that every customer who comes to us is sure to find what they are looking for, due to our wide range of clothing and different models.

All the goods come to us directly from the manufacturers. We guarantee 100% original production, which is certified by the manufacturer’s certificates.

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What is The BIG SALE?

We sell branded, high quality products (clothes, accessories) with the highest discounts in Europe.
The BIG SALE is a retail project by Alinkas Holding Group.

How do we conduct sales?

B2B – Our suppliers sell products to our group because we respect international trade restrictions and resell goods only to reliable partners.
B2C – We also trade in our large temporary stores during special events.

Where do our products come from?

From excess production, discontinued business.
We only manage internationally known brands. Do not be afraid of our crazy prices and just enjoy our products – they are 100% new, original and branded. We only offer international brands.

Temporary store history:

The idea and formula for temporary stores was born in the UK in 2003 and soon established itself in the marketing capital of New York, where a lot of pop-up stores were opened in a short time.


One of the main characteristics of a temporary shop is its ability to attract a lot of public interest because it is something unusual and temporary, so it cannot be overlooked. Another positive feature is that a temporary store is not an ordinary outlet with “second-choice” goods or last season’s items, but offers products that are made very recently, even in the very last seasons, with new and limited production.

Who comes first - gets better

Shopping in a temporary store is worth if you want to save money. In addition, with a strictly defined and short opening and closing dates for the store, it seems that you are participating in a special event between several of your selections rather than the usual shopping.

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